Photo: Ursula Bach

Improve collection schemes


Currently, Copenhagen has separate collection schemes directly at the households for plastics, metals, paper, cardboard, organic waste, small electronics, and residual waste. In addition, citizens can also separate batteries and hazardous waste for appropriate disposal.

In order to reach the goal of 70 % recycling of MSW by 2024, existing collection schemes in Copenhagen must be expanded or new collection schemes be implemented, e.g. for beverage cartons, textiles, and diapers.

Although Copenhageners show a strong level of commitment to source separation and recycling in general, existing collection schemes must also be made even more efficient in the coming years. This is particularly true for plastics and biowaste, but it includes other types as well (e.g. cardboard, paper, metals).

If you wish to collaborate with us to make existing collection schemes more efficient, please contact us.