Who should contact us and why?

Please contact us if you are a company or a knowledge institution with a wish to engage in dialogue about possible joint innovation projects or if you seek information about the Copenhagen waste management system which might contribute to your technology and business development.

We expect that companies and/or universities are willing to co-finance any development/demonstration activities (e.g. through work hours or equipment).


Innovate with us


Rethinking designs and business models is crucial for enabling a circular economy.

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Reduce & Reuse

One important step towards the circular economy is to reduce the generation of waste. In the circular economy, waste is a resource.

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A circular economy is an economy of high-value and high-quality secondary raw materials.

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Læringer fra ReYarn-projektet



Food and organic waste constitute a large part of the municipal solid waste stream in Copenhagen. Bioeconomy. Local food system

Photo: Foto: Ursula Bach

Building & construction

Challenges to tackle