29.01 2024
Results from compostable diapers use, collection, and recycling test

At present, approximately 250 million disposable diapers are generated globally each day, with 300,000 of these being incinerated every …

19.12 2023
Danish Innovation Pioneers Circular Solution for Recycling Polyurethane Plastic

A new Danish-developed technology aims to create a circular solution for a widely used type of plastic, polyurethane (PUR), which is …

02.10 2023
Copenhagen Launches Electronics Reuse Initiative

Copenhagen, in collaboration with environmental company Ragn-Sells, is proud to introduce an initiative helping Copenhageners to hand in …

28.09 2023
New Design Guide for Plastic Packaging

Focus on Reuse and High Recycling Quality

18.08 2023
Project report from ReYarn partnership released

The final report from the ReYarn project is now available here . The City of Copenhagen's current Resource and Waste Plan for 2024, …

05.07 2023
New Research project aims to turn organic waste into protein-rich animal feed

A new research project will develop a new technology to convert organic waste into protein-rich feed. The Innovation Fund Denmark has …

28.03 2023
New partnership tackles the challenge of wet textile waste

The purpose of the partnership FURT (FUnctional dehumidification of Recyclable Textiles) is to investigate treatment options for the …

23.02 2023
Let us paint a more colorful future through reuse

Since October 2021, City of Copenhagen, Amager Resource Center (ARC), and Paint it Forward have collected almost 2 tons of water-based …

02.12 2022
Second meeting in network for reusable take-away

The network aims to promote closed loop reuse systems for take away packaging.

21.11 2022
Workwear - designs for the circular economy

Can certain types of workwear live up to relevant quality requirements if they are made from recycled textiles? And if so, how might green …

04.11 2022
Copenhagen to test compostable diapers

New partnership will pilot the use of compostable diapers in selected daycares and kindergartens in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg …

31.08 2022
Copenhagen tests diaper waste collection scheme

Copenhagen pilots a new collection scheme for diaper waste during Autumn 2022.

07.07 2022
First meeting in network for reusable takeaway

New network aims to promote closed loop reuse systems for take away packaging.

06.07 2022
Waste sorting bins - an example of circular public procurement

How Copenhagen supports the use of old waste bins as a raw material input for new bins.

22.06 2022
Results from collection and recycling of Danish mattresses

Every year, Danes discard around 500.000 used mattresses. This creates somewhere between 10-12,500 tons of waste, the vast majority of …

17.06 2022
Results from automatic sorting of recyclable textiles

SOEX Recycling has completed two comprehensive batch sorting tests of post-consumer, textile waste collected from the Greater Copenhagen …

14.06 2022
Waste flows from Copenhagen (in Danish)

Vil du vide, hvordan Københavns Kommune behandler og genanvender affald fra husstandsindsamlingen? Tag et kig på Faktaarket og få et …

23.05 2022
Reusable takeaway in Copenhagen

How can we move away from single-use takeaway towards closed loop reuse systems with less strain on the environment?

04.05 2022
Textile-to-textile recycling at LOOP Forum 2022

On 27-28 April 2022, LOOP Forum , the leading Nordic event for resource management and circular economy took place for the first time ever …

03.05 2022
Webinar: mattress recycling in Denmark

Join us in a discussion of new results from collection and recycling tests of mattresses from Copenhagen, Vejle, Odsherred, and Hillerød...

19.04 2022
Used election posters become new lamps

Following the local elections in Copenhagen in the autumn of 2021, more than 31.000 election posters were recycled into new designer lamps, …

05.04 2022
Urban symbioses - an inspiration catalogue

One company’s trash can be another company’s treasure. This is the main idea behind the well-established concept of industrial symbiosis. …

30.03 2022
Digital Watermarks Initiative HolyGrail 2.0 achieves significant milestone with the successful semi-industrial validation of detection sorting unit

The Digital Watermarks Initiative HolyGrail 2.0, driven by AIM – European Brands Association and powered by the Alliance to End Plastic …

04.03 2022
Call for partners - Diaper recycling

Call for partners: Join our efforts to close the loop for diaper waste from Copenhagen