Copenhagen to test compostable diapers

New partnership will pilot the use of compostable diapers in selected daycares and kindergartens in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg municipalities.

Kid age 1-2 sitting in the green grass with a white hat on. Kid is seen from the side
Photo: Manja Vitolic

Every year an estimated 1.500 tons of diapers are used in daycares and kindergartens operated by the City of Copenhagen. The diaper waste is mixed with other residual waste and used for energy and heat production with a loss of plastics and nutrients as a result.

What if diaper waste could be turned into energy and high-quality compost?

This is the question that a new partnership aims to answer. Over a period of 4 months during spring 2022, the partnership will test the use of compostable diapers in three different daycares in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg. The pilot will provide valuable insights into:

  • Functionality and comfort of the compostable diapers
  • Work environment related to use of the compostable diapers and the waste collection
  • Sorting and collection rates
  • Biogasification and composting
  • Purity and quality of resulting compost
  • Economic and environmental impacts of the compostable diaper solution

The partnership builds on experiences obtained in Paris, France, where a similar solution has been tested since 2020.

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