New Research project aims to turn organic waste into protein-rich animal feed

A new research project will develop a new technology to convert organic waste into protein-rich feed. The Innovation Fund Denmark has invested 10.7 million DKK in the project.


The potential for the new and sustainable technology for protein production is enormous, as the world experiences an ever-increasing demand for animal feed.

Currently, there are no effective systems capable of integrating organic waste treatment and the recovery of nutrients for microbial protein production for animal feed. Therefore, the project aims to develop such an integrated technology platform.

In this technology, the organic matter in the waste is first converted into methane through a biological conversion process, and the extraction of nutrients such as ammonium and phosphate is done through a new electrochemical method.

Subsequently, both methane and nutrients will be used as inputs to produce a nutrient-rich bacterial biomass with a protein content of up to 70 percent. This biomass is an excellent source of proteins with a high content of essential amino acids.

This product can replace other animal feed sources such as soybean meal, which is mainly imported and has a negative environmental impact.

Please find more information about the project at Innovation Fund Denmark

The project is a collaboration between DTU, Unibio A/S, Knowledge Hub Zealand, ARC, the City of Copenhagen, and Roskilde University.