Reusable takeaway in Copenhagen

How can we move away from single-use takeaway towards closed loop reuse systems with less strain on the environment?

photo showing a plastic cup filled with lemon juice at an unspecified bar with a bartender in the background

In 2018, the Technical and Environmental Administration did a test collection scheme for waste generated in the public space. The test showed that more than half of all plastics collected in public space sorting containers was made of PET food packaging, and almost all of it was take-away. This translates into approximately 300 tons of PET plastic take-away, which ends up in the public space waste bins every year in Copenhagen.

According to an environmental assessment carried out for the Technical and Environmental Administration the same year, reusable and washable cups made from Polypropylene have a lower climate impact than single-use cups made from PET if they are used an average of 2.7 times. On this basis, the administration assesses that it is possible to achieve a positive environmental effect from using reusable cups at large events in Copenhagen.

In December 2018, the City of Copenhagen has set requirements on the use of reusable cups at our own events and the events that the administration gives approval on held in e.g. public streets and parks.

However, cups make up only a small part of all takeaway packaging in Copenhagen, and there are many available options for replacing disposable takeaway with reusable alternatives. Therefore, the City of Copenhagen has created a network for reusable takeaway in Copenhagen. The purpose of the network is to facilitate a dialogue with the actors and stakeholders to become wiser about barriers and solution, so that we together can meet the challenges in order to promote recyclable takeaway in Copenhagen.

The first meeting will be held on the 22. of June from 10 am. -12 pm. and a second meeting is expected after the summer holidays. Please contact us for more information.


Sarosh Qureshi

Special Consultant, sustainable business models

+45 21 38 04 83