Second meeting in network for reusable take-away

The network aims to promote closed loop reuse systems for take away packaging.


It is time again for our second meeting in the Network for reusable take-away packaging. This time we will talk about how we can work together in the future to create a clean and resposible Copenhagen, with respect for resources.
We would like to hear what experiences have been made since the last meeting, and in addition we will briefly talk about the general status in the Municipality of Copenhagen with regard to reusable take-away packaging.

We look forward to seeing you at our 2nd meeting of the Network for Increased Recycling of Take-Away Packaging in Copenhagen on 15 December at 14-16.


At 14:00 Welcome and presentation of the program for the meetings, by Sarosh Qureshi, Special consultant, Copenhagen Municipality, Technical and Environmental Administration

  • Presentation, What has happened in KK since the first meeting.
  • Collection, What came out of our first meeting.

At 14:15 Presentation, Digitization as supporting infrastructure in a common deposit system for take-away packaging by Rikke Hjort Hansen, Section leader for IT solutions, Technological Institute

At 14.45 Session 1, Dialogue at tables: Experiences since the last by Andreas Kryger Jensen, Implement
At 15:00 Plenum, Sharing of experiences and challenges

At 15.15 Presentation, What can a collaboration with KK look like, v. Sarosh Qureshi
At 15:30 Session 2, How can collaboration be better v. Andreas Kryger Jensen
At 15:45 Gathering, common

At 15:55 Thanks for now + future schedule


Sarosh Qureshi

Special Consultant, sustainable business models

+45 21 38 04 83