Workwear - designs for the circular economy

Can certain types of workwear live up to relevant quality requirements if they are made from recycled textiles? And if so, how might green public procurement drive the transition towards more sustainable workwear?


Environmental inspectors and employees at staffed playgrounds in City of Copenhagen, as well as employees within facility management at COOR, are currently testing a prototype collection of next-generation workwear.

Half of the work trousers and overshirts are based on mechanical recycled post-consumer textiles, while the other half is based on a standard fabric. This allows us to compare the durability and wearability of the two.

The workwear has been created through an innovative partnership between Wolkat, Kansas, Bacher Workwear, KEA, COOR, ReValuate, Designskolen Kolding, and The City of Copenhagen. The partnership builds on the results achieved in the ReYarn partnership, which demonstrated a circular value chain for textile waste.

If the test results are positive, it can help pave the way for increased public demand for recycled textiles.