Copenhagen test sorting facility

New sorting technologies

AI, image recognition, robot, and marker technologies


Besides the need to rethink and redesign packaging with circularity in mind, sorting technologies must be continuously improved in order to increase the quality of secondary raw materials. Luckily, we live in an extraordinary time of exceedingly advanced computer, sensor, automation, and marking technologies, which enable new approaches to waste sorting.

To explore the new possibilities in neural network and image recognition-based sorting, Copenhagen has established a partnership with the company IHP Systems. The aim of the partnership is to develop software that can recognize black plastic (food) trays for implementation in a robotic-unit at Copenhagen’s test sorting facility.

Read a report from the initial phase of the project here (in Danish only).

Circular Copenhagen is currently exploring the possibility of establishing partnerships focused on marker-based sorting (e.g. watermarks and chemical tracers). If you wish to know more or would like to contribute to this, please contact us.