Partnership for Collection and Reuse of Small Electronics


Copenhagen and environmental company Ragn-Sells have entered a partnership aimed at increasing the reuse of old electronics.

You can now contribute to a sustainable future by safely disposing your old mobile phones, tablets, laptops and chargers for reuse at 15 different locations across Copenhagen. The metal collection boxes are equipped with locks and feature a mail slot with an inner side chute, allowing Copenhagen residents to conveniently deposit their electronic devices.

Electronic waste is the fastest-growing waste category globally, and Denmark ranks third in the world for electronics consumption. On average, Danes discard 24.8 kg of electronic waste per year, which is 40% more than the EU average and a staggering 210% more than the global average.

More than half of the Copenhageners have at least one idle mobile phone, tablet, or laptop stashed away at home, that no longer serve any purpose. To address this issue and promote a culture of prolonging the lifespan of electronics, the city has launched a project aimed at making it easier for citizens to hand in their old electronics for a new life through reuse.

These electronics contain rare and valuable metals, resources that are both environmentally and economically costly to mine and are found in limited quantities. By extending the lifespan of electronics, we can conserve precious resources that would otherwise be used to manufacture new devices.

This partnership will run until 2025, with Ragn-Sells overseeing the operation of the collection boxes and collaborating with repair companies to ensure that all personal data is erased in accordance with GDPR regulations before repair and resale.